Boat cruise tragedy: We are not rewarding Prince Wasajja’s saviour — Kingdom says reward for good deed is not part of Buganda culture

Prince David Kintu Wasajja

The Lake Victoria boat accident on Saturday, November 24, produced many heroes who risked their lives and dived into the turbulent waters to save lives. Many fishermen have come out to claim their heroic actions with a hope of possible reward.

Here are the heroes that saved lives on Lake Victoria

Among the biggest names, Prince David Kintu Wasajja’s saviour surely caught the big fish! George Onyango, came out to narrate how he saved the prince and several other revellers in the accident that claimed tens of lives.

When we reached out to Buganda Kingdom spokesperson, Owek. Noah Kiyimba, he revealed that they will not offer a reward to Onyango.

According to Kiyimba, the kingdom is very thankful to all those that played part in the rescue process but adds that there is no price that can be attached to that.

“In our culture, we do not help expecting anything in return because such actions are priceless! The current society has made it worse for us. That is why you find doctors asking for money before attending to patients, people stealing from accidents victims among others,” he stated.

Onyango and other rescuers say that the people they saved from drowning made several promises (material and otherwise) to them but not a single one of them has made good the promises made.