Vince Musisi living in fear, over 250 Uber drivers issue death threats after he exposed alleged fraudulent overcharge

Renowned sound engineer Vince Musisi is living in fear for his life, family and business after a group of over 250 Uber drivers allegedly placed him as their “Most Wanted” target.

How did we get here?

According to documents we have seen, on Tuesday January 9, Vince sought the services of Uber for a ride from Kabalagala Equity Bank to Cynibel Supermarket Kiwatule. He was thus picked up by a one Belinda Semakula driving Toyota Probox UAU 396V.

Vince sues Uber

When he reached his destination, the Uber driver asked him to pay him a bill of Shs90,000! However, being a city smart client, Vince told her off since the receipt reflected Shs31,000 which he paid.  However, the driver rejected to end the trip and demanded for Shs.90,000.

According to Vince, the driver showed him a screenshot of a previous client’s bill as way to hoodwink and fraudulently overcharge him. When he contacted Uber, he was ignored.

“Further behavior of this kind will result in the suspension of your cash option”, Uber replied him.

Power of social media

Vince found solace in social media. He narrated his ordeal on Facebook accompanying the post with screenshots.

Uber Undisputed WhatsApp Group

After the post made rounds on social media, one Uber driver added him to “UBER UNDISPUTED 2018”, a WhatsApp group of over 250 Uber agents (drivers).  To the shock of Vince, Uber drivers shared his contact number while referring to him as the  “target person” who should be “taught a lesson”. They also issued death threats bragging that they have unlimited access to client’s information.  They particularly warned him that the next time he requests for a ride, he will not be “spared” as they reminded the group to save his contact. One agent also referred to him as a “fool who cannot afford a bicycle” implying that they were doing him a favour. Another stated they will harm his family and business.

Uber sued

Vince has thus filed a case of “Threatening violence” against 10 agents who sent him death threats and requested the Police for protection. Through a law firm, he has also issued Uber an intention to sue notice.

UBER SUED 01-12-2018 18-06-14

Watch this space.