This is no longer a marriage. It’s rape — Tamale Mirundi speaks out on age limit

Current affairs analyst Tamale Mirundi has never run short of responses. While appearing on his weekly show on NBS TV, Tamale was questioned on why the government he applauds  decided to deploy heavily around the parliament.

Tamale responded claiming that it is not the president behind the uncomfortable scenes at parliament.

“It’s just a group of young arrogant boys panicking and causing chaos. This is no longer a marriage, its rape, someone inside this group is stirring them and it’s not the work of Museveni, ” Tamale stated.

“The Museveni I know doesn’t panic, he doesn’t humiliate his enemies and he hates being compared to past leaders,” he added.

According to Tamale, with the current situation at parliament it will be shameful if the bill is tabled with such heavy deployment outside the parliamentary premises. In this MP’s will be right to urge that they were forced to amend the constitution.

The age limit bill from the ruling party MP’s is expected to be tabled before parliament this a week.