He did not inform me about the eviction – Kato Lubwama responds to being thrown out of Royal Theatre, vows to drag landlord to court

Following yesterday’s abrupt eviction of Rubaga South Member of Parliament Kato Lubwama’s Royal Theatre over unpaid ground rent arrears that amount to Shs200m, he has vowed to drag his landlord Haji Twaha Gwaivu to court.

Kato Lubwama

“I’m going to courts of law to seek justice in this matter. I do not believe in this kind of eviction because it was murderous and not caring,” said the comedian turned MP.

“I found this place undeveloped; I started building the theatre from the foundation up to where it has been of late before the eviction,” Lubwama added.

However, he did not deny allegations of not paying Gwaivu’s ground rent. He only condemned the manner in which the eviction was carried out.

“He did not inform me about the eviction proceedings. It was very unfortunate that a big theatre(Royal theatre) was demolished in just hours without thinking of the artistic value and passion we put when setting it up,” he cried out.