Zari reveals that her wealthy King Bae –who has promised to give her a Shs1 billion Bentley as an engagement gift– is a rich politician

Self-proclaimed Boss Lady, Zari Hassan has left social media users tongue-tied and hankering to see where it all ends, after claiming that her King Bae is a rich politician, and that he has promised to give her a Bentley (worth Shs1.3 billion –USD 338,000) as her engagement gift.

This follows several months of Zari hiding the identity of her new loverman, while yet dangling several baits to get the public –especially her social media followers– eager to know who exactly is the man who has replaced Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz in her life.

 Zari broke the news about her new man while appearing in an interview on Tanzania’s Ayo TV recently, and the gorgeous 38-year-old and mother of five also disclosed that some of the fancy cars she has been posting on social media belong to the rich politician lover.

“My man is a rich politician in South Africa and some of the cars I have been posting on social media are my man’s. I will soon get a Bentley that will be an engagement gift,” Zari said.

It is not the first time the mother of five is dating a rich man, however it would seem like she keeps climbing to richer and richer men every time she enters a new relationship. Previously she has dated rich young men like the late Ivan Ssemwanga (the father of her elder three children) and Tanzanian bongo music star Diamond Plantinumz.