Sheila Gashumba shows off the shopping mall boyfriend God’s Plan is building

For those who thought God’s Plan, the boyfriend of feisty socialite and media personality Sheila Carol Gashumba, was running broke, you might be very mistaken.

Snapshots f the video Sheila Gashumba uploaded showing progress of works at God’s Plan’s said shopping mall.

Today, on her Instagram page, Sheila Gashumba has shown off a shopping mall/ arcade that apparently is being constructed by her beau Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan

Sheila didn’t give details on where the arcade is being constructed, at what cost, and whether her name is on the ownership papers or not.

All she wrote alongside the video is: “Proud of you, Ali God’s Plan. Shopping mall opening pushed back to August but we working.”

Artistic impression of what the shopping mall is supposed to look like when construction is done. It was also posted by Gashumba on her Instagram.

Even as Sheila didn’t divulge much about her boyfriend’s construction project, what is clear from the video that Sheila uploaded is that the arcade is being constructed somewhere on Ugandan soil (most probably in the greater Kampala area), is not very far from completion, and is really a magnificent affair God’s Plan must be injecting some real bags of money into the project.’

Gashumba and God’s Plan.