Uganda plays host to FIDIC GAMA 2019, a conference for re-shaping engineering in Africa

PLO Lumumba will speak the conference.

Uganda is hosting the FIDIC-GAMA conference, a critical regional gathering and networking event providing a forum for engineers, contractors, government officials, private investors, funding agencies, construction equipment and material suppliers to discuss and tackle infrastructure development issues in a continental context.

Now in it’s 26th year, the annual conference is being held in Uganda for the third time and is currently on-going at the Kampala Serena Hotel until May 14.  The conference is organised by the Uganda Association of Consulting Engineers (UACE) in collaboration with the Ministry of Works and Transport.

It is a conference created by consulting engineers for the world we live in, with real-hands-on work and in-depth understanding of the engineering provided by the industry’s key experts and opinion leaders.


UACE was in 1993 recognised by the Government of Uganda as the representative of the global International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) in Uganda. Group of Africa Member Associations (GAMA), the FIDIC Africa Chapter organizes annual international conferences on rotational basis from one African country to the other. Last year the event was held in Bamako – Mali while next year it will be held in Botswana.

This year Uganda has the privilege of hosting it again for the third time in 15 years. 

“Our aim is to bring together consulting engineers and other related infrastructure professionals, contractors, construction material/equipment suppliers, project developers, funders, legal practitioners, bankers, insurers and industry leaders to share knowledge and experiences for economic development of society through infrastructure” said Eng. Michael Daka – a key member of the Organizing Committee.

Topics for discussion include: “Regional infrastructural projects as a catalyst for economic development” and “Emerging approaches to infrastructure development” among others. The professionals will also share best practices to enhance sustainability in engineering design and implementation.

“Young professionals in engineering are called upon to attend specially dedicated breakout session for them. Suppliers, Vendors, Manufacturers all have a lot to grab from this conference,” Daka says.

At #fidicgama2019, there are over 18 speakers from countries like Tunisia, South Africa, Ghana, Mali, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Uganda etc.

In addition to the incredible breakout sessions, #fidicgama2019 will also have keynote speakers like PLO Lumumba and spotlight paper presenters including Mr. Ian Massey, Eng. Paul Karekezi, Ms. Allen C. Kagina, Eng. Samson Bagonza and more.