Angry Zari tells ‘these dirty clowns’ Diamond and Tanasha to stop talking about her because she isn’t their oxygen

South Africa-based Ugandan socialite and business woman Zari Hassan has gone rather ballistic while warning Tanzanian singer Diamond and his new lover Tanasha Donna to stop talking about her.

 In a social media post in which Zari rants at Diamond and Zari to stop talking about her because she is not their oxygen, the Ugandan belle refers to Diamond and Tanasha as ‘dirty clowns’! And c***ts!

“These Wachafu (dirty) clowns needs to let me be, damn. Y’all can’t stay without bringing up ma name, am I like oxygen, u simply can’t breathe. Can you? C***s,” Zari posted on her Facebook and Instagram over the weekend.

The self-proclaimed Boss lady said was responding to Tanasha Donna, a day after the ‘Tetema’ hitmaker’s new girlfriend said in an interview that she would love to meet the children her boyfriend had with his former flame Zari “because they are innocent.”

“I would love to meet them to be honest, I would really love to. They are innocent kids and they have nothing to do with all the drama that is happening,” Tanasha said in the comments that seem to have worked up Zari.