Besigye has helped the NRM to ‘swallow’ Bobi Wine –political analyst Rwakakamba on the People Power-People’s Government agreement

Political analyst and Special Presidential Assistant on Research and Information, Morrison Rwakakamba has said the reaching of an agreement to work together between Dr. Kiiza Besigye’s People’s Government and Bobi Wine’s People Power should be a cause of celebration for National Resistance Movement (NRM) members and supporters.

Appearing on NBS TV yesterday evening, Rwakakamba who belongs to the NRM admitted that Bobi Wine has been a massive distraction to the NRM, but said Besigye has unknowingly done them a favour of ‘swallowing him’. He said it’s a relief in their fight to retain power.

“Like I always say, we (NRM) shall focus our attention on Besigye. Bobi Wine has been “swallowed” by Besigye,” Rwakakamba said.

“When you read the joint statement by People’s Government and People Power, words like “junta” and “defiance” make it clear Bobi Wine has joined Besigye rather than Besigye joining Bobi Wine,” he added.

The seasoned political analyst says the battle now goes back on who will get the majority backing from the public since both the NRM and People’s Government are sustained by the people.

However, according to Betty Nambooze, the spokesperson of the People’s Government, the understanding with the People Power movement is to only work closely but each camp shall stick to its individual ideologies of how to go about achieving the common goal of regime change.