Here is the odd Bible sermon tourism minister Godfrey Kiwanda preached when he suddenly became a ‘Pastor’ at Miss Curvy Uganda grand finale

At the Miss Curvy Uganda grand finale at Imperial Royal Hotel on Friday evening, Tourism Minister Godfrey Kiwanda suddenly became a ‘Pastor’ –as the minister broke into a sermon without warning. But how odd the minister’s sermon was!

The minister, in a bid to show the audience why it was not wrong for ladies who are not small to also have a pageant that allows them to compete for a beauty queen, ended up praising how God was generous with African ladies to give them ample body features at creation.

“God was generous with African ladies when creating. I think he actually created African ladies when he still ahd a lot of materials to work with,” Hon. Kiwanda preached. “That should be the reason African ladies by nature have ample body features compared to those elsewhere. I think by the time God got to creating people like the Chinese, Koreans and some Whites, he was beginning to be quite economical with the materials. So as Africans we should appreciate how generously God gave us features, especially our women, and always praise God for that blessing.”

Hon. Kiwanda, asking people to acknowledge that tourism begins with people and therefore our ‘well-endowed women’ are a blessing to the country, asked the audience to realize that evn God himself is a tourist who appreciates the people he created for what He gave them.

“Remember God is the first tourist. After creating something, He always stood back, looked and appreciated what He had made. In Genesis 3, around verse 31, we see him appreciate the beauty of the human being He ahd created. So if God can appreciate beauty, who are we not to appreciate it, or to segregate some and say these ones are not beautiful because they are not thin?” Hon. Kiwanda preached.

Hon. Minister, at Matooke Republic we think you should consider preaching the word of God as your next calling, or even doing it alongside your other tasks at present.