Automatic massage bed: the new exercise therapy to healthy living is in Uganda

The Automatic massage bed can be found at Mystique Salon Wandegeya, at their massage clinic, and a 40-minute session goes for shs50.000. People are advised to have 40-minute sessions at the machine at least every after two days.

The automatic massage is a multipurpose motor that searches the whole spinal cord (from the head to the bottom), detects the problem and stops the pain. The 40-minute therapy also helps to relax the body.  However it depends on how long one has been suffering from a particular body disorder.

According to Dr. Chris Kiggundu, a backbone specialist, whenever the spine nerves are pressurized, communication from the brain to different body organs and cells is stopped resulting into diseases like Blood pressure problems, nervous breakdown, chronic fatigue, stiff Neck, lower limb pain, weak blood circulation, gastric problems, bladder issues, severe pain and irregular menstruation, weak blood circulation in legs, cold feet, weak legs, tail-bone pain and sacrum curve spine.

The automatic massage bed rolls up to the tail-bone and puts it in order as it is supposed to be normally, since many people get complications due to bad sitting postures, standing for long or sitting for long hours. The heat radiated from it helps people faced with blood pressure hence balancing it.

During the therapy the massage bed relaxes the spinal nerves, scans the whole spinal cord. It also helps in normal blood circulation and helps reduce bladder issues.  The bed has no side effects, however pregnant women, people recently operated, people with metals instilled in their body and drunkards are not advised to use the people.

The bed also comes with a V3 machine that helps with constipation -wwithin five minutes one would be required to visit the rest room.  The V3 also helps enhance one’s manhood by helping him last for long. Kiggundu further said that the machine helps people who snore at night to stop snoring since it releases the chest.

The massage bed also has the ability to fixing broken bones , although it depends on the nature of one’s fracture . The bed also radiates a pain that helps stop severe menstrual pain and also helps women .