Zari Hassan set for secret wedding to mysterious ‘King Bae’

After almost two years of seemingly being on the rocks regarding matters of the heart, early this year South Africa-based socialite and business woman Zari Hassan revealed that she had found new love.

Never mind that she has since kept the identity of her new man hidden from the public. Zari has, since revealing that she is in a new relationship, shown herself to be driving in the fast lane of the feelings world.

Over the last couple months she has regularly posted on her social media platforms about the expensive gifts she has received from her new flame, whom she fondly and purposely refers to as King Bae, not to mention the countless praises she has showered on him.

And now Zari has indicated that very soon she’ll be walking the aisle with her ‘mysterious’ King Bae. In a video she posted on her Instagram wall yesterday, Zari indicated the wedding is very soon, but what should perhaps be most intriguing is the fact that Zari added that the wedding is going to be very private.

“Oh, my wedding is gonna be so private. I will release the details only after it is done. Only close friends and family,” Zari said in the video update.

Zari’s keeping of her King Bae unknown to the public has so far raised so many questions about who exactly he might be. Some reckon it must be a rich and/or famous person who might want to limit the public debate that revelation of the relationship should stir. Others reckon Zari is hiding the man because he is be a character ‘with issues’, maybe a married man or someone who doesn’t really fit Zari’s calibre. And some even argue that the Kign Bae of the kind Zari talks of (who regularly sends all those expensive gifts) doesn’t really exist, but is rather a creation of the B oss lady’s imagination in order to boost her public image.