Fresh Kid’s Mother: President Museveni should intervene and stop Minister Nakiwala from dictating to us what to do with our rapper son, she is very disrespectful to us

Ms. Madrine Namata, the mother of young rap sensation Fresh Kid (Patrick Ssenyonjo) has cried out to President Museveni to intervene and stop ‘his minister’ from trying to dictate to the family what to do with son, something the poor woman calls ‘being disrespectful to us.’

In a bitter mood following the invasion and search of her homestead by ‘operatives’ who apparently had been sent from the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Child Affairs to ‘arrest Fresh Kid’ and carry him off to boarding school, Ms. Namata said that in her view, the level ‘things’ have reached now it is probably President Museveni who can come to their rescue.

“I’m calling on President Museveni to intervene and help us,” Ms. Namata said amidst sobs. “Minister Nakiwala is disrespecting us, dictating what we should do with Patrick (Ssenyonjo aka Fresh Kid) as if we are little children who don’t know what is best for him.”

“She should stop disrespecting us as Fresh Kid’s family, we are also adults who want the best for him, and that is why we found him a good person we trust that he wants the best for him, who is helping him develop and utilize his talent while also helping him go to school,” Ms. added.

“If she really wants to help children in need, we have more children here she can help, not Fresh Kid who has already got other people to help him. There are also so many other needy children allover Uganda, why is she sticking on our son?”