Prof. PLO Lumumba: If youth vote as a block, they’ll see change

Kenyan Law Professor PLO Lumumba has given hope to Ugandan youth yearning for change. Lumumba says youths must be at the center stage of transition of power.

“If youth vote as a block, they’ll see change. They must be organised and send an equivocal message to the elite class that if they don’t listen to them, they won’t see the offices they wish to occupy,” Lumumba said.

“Political parties have tendencies of portioning themselves but the youth league in any political party must be present and insist on the things that are going to affect the quality of their life,” he added.

“…Youth isn’t a permanent stage,” says Lumumba before stretching that whoever ignores the youth is doing so to his or her own damage.  He says it’s wise for the old people in power to create a conducive environment for the young people who’ll follow in their footsteps.

Lumumba is a former Director of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission and he is currently the Director of The Kenya School of Laws.