Museveni can’t be toppled like Bashir, our opposition are paper tigers – says Ofwono Opondo

With Ugandans busy mimicking ‘Mr Google who is next?’ after the overthrow of Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir yesterday, government mouthpiece Ofwono Opondo has assured the public that it can not happen in Uganda.

Opondo says Uganda’s situation is much better and since even the next election is not far away, there is no way opposition can mobilise the masses.

“Right now, NRM is satisfied with the democracy we’re practising. The larger parts of the people of Uganda know that their votes and voice matter. That’s why when the opposition complains that they’ve been cheated, many people don’t listen,” Opondo said.

“Our opposition are paper tigers, they’re reactionary,” says Opondo although he claims that government is on alert and studying the situation from all African countries where long serving leaders have been toppled and making necessary adjustments.

“Even if there are internal differences in our politics, the ideology of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and security apparatus, I doubt you’d want to ask the army to intervene to a reactionary opposition group,” he added.