MC Kats shows off his Land title to prove he’s better than Sheila Gashumba

As the battle between NBS TV’s MC Kats and former NTV presenter Sheilah Gashumba escalates, new developments have been received as MC Kats has paraded his land title to prove to Sheilah that he is much better.

Some of the documents MC Kats presented

MC Kats says that Sheilah has nothing in her names apart from her phone number saved in God’s Plan’s phone so he has paraded his land title and dared Sheilah Gashumba to also do the same to prove that she’s doing something for herself.

Kats also went ahead to show certificates of incorporation for his company and claims Sheilah Gashumba has no registered brand in her own name as she just brags about her father’s and boyfriend’s property.

“If she is rich as she claims, let her show us which property she owns. Let her show a single title or vehicle card in her name,” Kats said.

“Come for your bu-money with 50k extra,” Mc Kats, went ahead to tell Sheilah