Diamond pressurizing Zari to reveal to him the new ‘Bae’ in her life

Word coming to us is that Tanzania singer Diamond Platinumz is putting all the pressure he can on former flame Zari Hassan, for the later to reveal to him the new guy in her life.

Zari and Diamond with family in their happy days together.

We have lernt that through serious Whatsapp messages and voice calls, Diamond has for the last few days been asking Zari at least three times a day for a revelation of who exactly is the new guy in her life.

Apparently Diamond has told Zari he is really curious to know who is the new guy because his children are involved and as a responsible father he has to know who is the step-father they are spending most of their time with.

However, some sources reckon Diamond is just finding an excuse to peep into Zari’s life. Word is that Diamond is shocked at what calibre of man Zari should have found to replace him, given the expensive gifts the new guy is showering Zari with, including a sleek red Ferrari very recently.

There are many rumours the new guy is the one Zari has fronted in pictures since February, one Danny Karls, but many other sources reckon it is another person altogether (whom Zari for now keeps hidden).

Zari on her new Ferrari, apparently a gift from her new man.