Bad Black posts pictures to prove that herself and Bebe Cool got so close to ‘doing it’ back in the day

Earlier today, socialite Bad Black claimed on her Facebook wall that back in the day when she was a fresh big deal in Kampala, herself and musician Bebe Cool got so close and almost had a romantic something between themselves. That they went as afar as kissing and only didn’t go further because Bebe Cool was still recovering from bullet wounds and therefore physically incapacitated. The post got many of the socialite’s Facebook followers rubbishing her allegations.

Now to prove that what she is saying is the truth, Bad Black has posted pictures of herself and Bebe Cool keeping close to each other back in the day. See Black’s entire post below:

Feeling sleepy but mbwa mwe who think am stupid or lying thanks for payment normally i don’t waste my time explaining to…

Posted by Chanitah Bradley Ptt on Wednesday, April 3, 2019