Police denies having Bobi Wine’s Tundra vehicle, in which MP’S driver was shot in Arua last year

As the 36 suspects accused of stoning President Museveni’s car in last year’s Arua bi-election fracas reappeared at Gulu High Court yesterday, for the hearing of their case, Arua Police CID in-charge Davis Lusambu made a shocking revelation. Saying that the Tundra truck they don’t have Bobi Wine’s Tundra pick-u truck in which the Kyadondo East MP’s driver Yasin Kawuma was shot last year. That the truck they have in their custody does not belong to Kyadondo East legislator Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi.

Bobi Wine and his singing partner Nubian Li ose by the ‘lost’ Tundra during the Bugiri parliamentary bi-election last year, one of the bi-elections where Bobi Wine campaigned for the ultimate winner.

“The owner of the truck we have is not among the suspects,” Lusambu told court during the hearing of the case.

The said truck is where the late Yasin Kawuma was shot dead, in a fracas that reportedly was sparked off by Kasiano Wadri’s campaign team and fans (among whom was Bobi Wine) attacked President Museveni’s convoy on the last day of the Arua bi-election campaign.

According to the 33 suspects in the Arua fracas case, Bobi Wine’s vehicle was not the only item that went missing when Police and other security personnel ‘meted out violence’ on them in Arua. The suspects also told court that their mobile phones went too missing, among other things, some even saying the phones are currently being used by security agencies.

After the court session yesterday, Bobi Wine said that he is not surprised by Lusambu’s statement because police has made worse allegations than that.

“We have seen very many unbelievable things happen. If the Police still surprise you with their contradictions, then you surprise me, “Bobi said.

The ‘lost’ Tundra after the Arua fracas last August. Bobi Wine’s driver Yasin Kawuma was shot in the left-hand front seat of the car.