Police burns impounded drugs worth Shs10b: Deputy IGP Sabiiti vows to further fight the habit of drug abuse

In the presence of the force’s anti-narcotics officers and other security agencies at the Nsambya Police Barracks yesterday, and led by Deuty IGP Sabiiti Muzeeyi, Police set aflame 618 kilogrammes of narcotics worth US $2.8m (about Shs10billion). Surely any drug dealers and users who caught word of the proceedings must have shed tears!

Amongst the drugs destroyed yesterday were: 68.57kgs of heroin, 16.50kgs of cocaine, 4.0kgs of methamphetamine, 12.422kgs of marijuana, and 148.46kgs of catheedulis.

During the burning process, the Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj. Gen. Sabiiti Muzeyi commended the police efforts in fighting the vices of drug trafficking and abuse.

“We have created a department of anti-narcotics to specifically deal with crimes arising from drug trafficking and abuse. This shows how the government and the police leadership are determined to ensure that the population is protected from crimes arising from drugs,” Sabiiti said.

Sabiiti vowed that as police, they will continue carrying out operations despite admitting that it’s very difficult to net traffickers and also dealing with drug abusers. He urged the youth not to be carried away by the drugs because they are very addictive.

“Once one starts drug abuse, getting away from it is very difficult. Addiction is a complicated condition that is difficult to deal with, I urge all people to desist from taking drugs. Uganda Police Force shall remain at the forefront of ensuring that our society is free from drugs,” the Deputy IGP noted.

Since 2015, police has been impounding different types of drugs from traffickers across the country.