Nakawa MP Kabaziguruka accuses senior NRM cadre of bewitching him, turns to God for deliverance

Nakawa Member of Parliament Micheal Kabaziguruka has given his life to Jesus Christ! On the background of allegations that a senior NRM cadre vowed to kill him and has been bewitching him to achieve that goal!

We understand that pastors from a city church recently led Kabaziguruka in confessing Jesus Christ in order to escape his troubles and have eternal victory over all evil forces.

According to Kabaziguruka, his reign as Nakawa Member of Parliament has been coupled with catastrophes from the day he took over office, which has greatly affected his performance, and all this is because of a rival NRM cadre!

Kabaziguruka says that he has been involved in accidents, been detained at Kigo prison and suffered in so many other ways all because of the senior NRM cadre who bewitched him.

Speaking about his latest car accident which happened last weekend, the MP said it was strange how everyone else who was in the ambulance with him got out with minor injuries while he suffered multiple compound fractures on his high thigh.

Close friends to the Kabaziguruka have revealed that senior consultants from Kampala Hospital have advised him to try prayers since his case is rare.

“We have medically done everything possible and by now he should have been out of danger because we have handled more complicated fracture victims. They had less resources, limiting treatment options, but still they got well and are now normal again. This MP’s case has turned out more complicated because all available options have been tried but we don’t know why he isn’t healing anymore.” a medic reportedly said.

The legislature insists that the misfortunes that have occurred to him are not coincidental but are rather the works of a senior NRM cadre who plans to claim his life. Kabaziguruka further claims that the politician he is talking about has been long rumoured to subject his political rivals to witchcraft.

Kabaziguruka notably remains popular among his people because of his charitable acts including scholarships, ambulances, soccer tournaments and the trucks& coasters.