Balaam Barugahara: People Power is my NGO, registered under me –I decide who uses the name, be it in politics or business

Famed events promoter and businessman Balaam Baruhagara has once again stated that ‘People Power’ is his NGO that is registered against his name as its owner, and this time he has even gone further and declared that it is him with the legal right to decide who uses the name for what purpose. He also revealed that the actual name he has registered is People Power Majority.

We broke the news a few weeks ago that Balaam had registered People Power a private NGO, only for the music promoter to refuse to state his true position on the issue when social media users began to heavily attack him over the issue.

Now yesterday while speaking to the media, Balaam returned to the issue and revealed that he registered the NGO some time ago, and therefore the brand name/trademark belongs to him.

“People Power Majority legally belongs to me, because it is registered in my names. I decide who uses the name for anything, be it for business, politics, charity, name it. If I want, I will choose someone to stand for president on its ticket, riding on its name. Anyone else who uses it will have to face me in court,” Balaam said.’