Music promoter Suudi Lukwago: I will spend 2 billion shillings on our wedding if Fifi Da Queen can leave her marriage and come back to me

It seems MC Kats isn’t alone in failing to overcome feelings for an ex. He has company in one of Uganda’s most controversial music promoters Suudiman Lukwago. In fact it would seems like MC Kats is better off, since we aren’t sure that many years from now he will still be hankering after Fille to the extent of times verbally attacking her in the media, and then asking her to quit whatever relationship she’ll be in and come back to him.

For Suudi Lukwago, it seems the man has never stopped having sleepless nights ever since Fifi da queen (who he claims to be his ex-girlfriend)got married. Lukwago has always told all who care to listen that Fifi Da Queen is his ex girlfriend whom he planned to get back with and make a wife of, and when Fifi got married Lukwago began going around saying that he still loved the Bukedde TV presenter and would always love her.

And speaking to our sources yesterday, Suudi showed his heart is still with Fifi as he revealed that he is willing to spend a fortune on a wedding with the media personality if she can quit her current marriage and come marry him.

“Fifi is my ex-girlfriend and I am still in love with he, I will always love her. If she can run away from her resent marriage and come to me, I will get a loan of 2 billion shillings to make a big wedding,” Suudiman stated.

Suudi said that he first met Fifi when she was a struggling upcoming artiste in need of someone with some money like him, to take her to studio and support her career till she reached the top.  The promoter claims Fifi asked  him to be her promoter and he accepted, but when she couldn’t make it in studio they settled for a love relationship, which also unfortunately ended for reasons he doesn’t divulge.