Video: ‘Museveni’ reveals when he is going to hand over power, but it’s not pretty soon

Last weekend at the Singleton Golf Challenge in Entebbe, Museveni revealed that he is still in power because people always call him threatening to commit suicide whenever he hints on retiring.

 ‘Museveni’ added that his visions are still valid and he has still got enough stamina in his tank to make Uganda see even better days. Amongst the many visions Museveni talked of this time, the ‘president’ said that in 2040 he will not join the American bandwagon of taking people to moon, but will instead take Ugandans to the sun because ‘the moon is already occupied.’

You have guessed right, and you’re too blind if you haven’t yet noticed. It wasn’t President Y.K. Museveni, but rather the other famous Museveni,’ Herbert Mendo Ssegujja aka Teacher Mpamire who is famous for mimicking the president.

Teacher Mpamire is a humorous stand-up comedian and teacher by profession (he teaches at Standard High School Zzana), who has made himself a name for erfectly mimicking President Museveni.

His humorous performances have seen him stage shows in different African countries like Zambia and Malawi, among others. He has won various awards locally and internationally, his biggest perhaps being “Discovery of the Year” at the Africa Youth Awards held in Accra, Ghana, in 2016.