Radio’s children are all in International schools paying over 35 million- Weasel’s Manager Emotions responds to Chagga

On a Phone interview today Goodlyfe’s former Manager, Chagga accused Weasel of leaking Radio’s music and asked the musician to pay school fees for Radio’s children.

When we got in touch with Emotions, Weasel’s manager. He said Chagga is just frustrated because he lost his job and the bank took his house because of a loan that he failed to clear.

He further said that the Weasel camp prefers not to get involved in Chagga’s issues.

“Radio’s kids are all in school and not just schools but International schools. They pay over 35 million.” Said  Emotions.

Earlier this year, Weasel released an official document firing Chagga as his manager.  Today the Radio and Weasel social media page had an old interview of the duo appearing on a local TV show.

“Let not confuse people we gat all the facts documented just Google and get your answers right. Neera Neera was written & dedicated to us. Anyway 2019 we are focused no time to flex around.. UNRULY Album on my mind nothing else…” Weasel posted.