Attack on the weave and wig – President Museveni says hair of ‘dead people’ from abroad will soon bring bad luck to the country

Speaking at the annual Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) Expo at Kololo this afternoon, President Museveni has sarcastically revealed his very much worried of the ‘dead people’ hair women put on because it will soon bring bad luck to our country.

The President says many Ugandans have failed to appreciate commodities being made in Uganda despite using them on a daily basis. However, he says that government has played its role in promoting local trade.

“The boys from Soroti are making shoes, but when you ask them where they got the leather from they say China yet they can get it from here,” Museveni said.

“In the modern world there are two important people: The entrepreneur, buyer and the one who links the two. The government plays a big role, it is the one that constructs roads and the one that makes electricity,” he added.

BUBU is a policy that was adopted in 2014 to promote the consumption and procurement of goods and services produced locally.

And this was done to encourage foreign and local investors to produce locally, improve capacity of local producers, enhance the quality and competitiveness on the local & international market, create jobs and drive the country to achieve the Middle Income Status.