Heart of Gold: Bad Black checks Pretty Glo into Rehab, fulfilling pledge to help embattled singer get back on track

People may label her all sorts of names, and indeed she may be many hard-to-understand things, but one thing that is seemingly undebatable about controversial socialite Bad Black (Shanitah Namuyimbwa) is that she walks her talk, and another is that she has a heart of gold. Hardly twenty-four hours after the city socialite pledged to help faded musician Pretty Glo get her life back on track, Bad Black has fulfilled her promise.The out-spoken ‘slay queen’ today bought Pretty Glo some clothes and checked her into  Africa Retreat Palace, a rehab  where Glo will be spending three months to be chiselled back into proper shape.

Bad Black with Pretty Glo after she delivered the embattled musician to rehab.

And in an interesting twist to the story of her coming to Pretty Glo’s aid, Bad Black has declined any money from people that want to help Pretty Glo. The socialite has advised people to wait for Glo to leave Rehab then send the money to the musician, saying that big girls like her can handle small bills.

Pretty Glo made unflattering headlines just two days ago when she was nabbed attempting to steal some items downtown, an incident which was captured in a video that went viral. In the hours that followed the Rwandan-born faded singer Glo confessed that she has for some time now been battling a serious drug addiction, wherein she throws up and gets terrible headaches if she doesn’t use drugs, and that since she isn’t doing well financially she is often forced to engage whatever she can in order to find money to buy the drugs. Glo also said that she was stealing in order to fend for her sick child.

Left: Pretty Glo in her glory days. Right: the singer in her current embattled state.

Bad Black then shortly revealed on social media that she was going to seek out Pretty Glo and help her get back on track, and now we can confirm that after buying the embattled singer clothes and a few other personal utilities she’ll need in rehab, the controversial socialite has cleared One million Uganda shillings and promised to clear up the balance of seven million Uganda shillings tomorrow in order to have Pretty Glo receive professional assistance to pick up the stones of her life.

Pretty Glo was about seven years ago one of the fastest-rising young female singers in Uganda, then in the ranks of Rema Namakula and Iryn Ntale who were also fresh acts on the scene. Her songs that became famous included Tebatusobola, Ndyeno and Maali.  

Glo’s Baby-daddy, fellow faded and drug-embattled musician Qute Kaye, also made rounds in the news last year when he was caught stealing car parts from a Toyota Harrier.

Pretty Glo and a video fox in one of her music videos from her glory days.