Video: Qute Kaye’s girlfriend Pretty Glo nabbed stealing downtown, survives mob justice

Just about seven years ago, Pretty Glo (Gloria Ingabire) was one of the fastest-rising female songstresses in the land, on the heels of the likes of Rema Namakula and Iryn Ntale who were also just fledgling. But suddenly things began to nosedive, until she totally disappeared off the radar. Then a few months ago pictures of her looking a shadow of her former self surfaced on the internet, with the formerly curvaceous (even plump) belle now emaciated and without any of the glow that used to hook men’s eyes like a lamp hooks moths.

And now Pretty Glo has today afternoon been caught stealing at a shop in downtown Kampala. it’s not yet clear what she was stealing, but a video we have laid hands on shows the faded singer (girlfriend of Qute Kaye with whom she has stuck through troubled years) seated down on the ground, being harrased by interrogators asking why she was stealing. Some sources say she was trying to steal a mobile phone, while others say she was trying some merchandise and cash from a shop.

Below is the video:

(It might also be remembered that last year Qute Kaye was caught stealing spare parts and widely embarrassed as images of him being roughed up widely circulated across social media).