Zari’s latest jab at blogger Ritah Kaggwa: “witch, envious, broke, suffering domestic violence…” –simply acerbic!

The beef between South Africa-based socialite businesswoman Zari Hassan and UK-based social media blogger Ritah Kaggwa must be Uganda’s feminine shadow of the animosity between Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool. At least in terms of ferocity and longevity –Zari and Kaggwa have been beefing for about eight years now.

Now, the animosity between the two popular diaspora-based Uganda women sent another wave across social media yesterday, as Zari woke up to throw another sudden barb at Kaggwa, and as ever a very acerbic one.

Without mentioning who she was talking of, Zari called Kaggwa all sorts of ugly things as she gave advice to some one she didn’t mention to beware the UK-based blogger (possibly Zari was advising Dorothy Shonga, who reportedly was unhappy with Ritah Kaggwa’s posts recently while the Dorothy and her estranged husband publicly ripped each other apart.)

But even without Zari’s mentioning names, anyone who has followed their beef simply understood who Zari was talking about –not least her throwing in how the person she was talking about is always suffering domestic violence at the hands of her Nigerian lover (Ritah Kaggwa is married to a Nigerian and Zari has previously claimed that the Nigerian mistreats Kaggwa).

We won’t talk a lot about Zari’s words when we have them. They are here below, and beneath them is an English translation of the post that was made in Luganda:

Translation: “hahaha…leave alone ‘the incongruous woman’. She will employ witchcraft against you. She will use fetishes like smoking pipes against you, she all looks to smoke those witches’ pipes. As for me, she has no new ugly abuse to throw at me, she exhausted them all. I was left just to pity her. She’s the ugly, broke, envious, the Nigerian spends the nights beating her up…then she wakes up in the morning to curse people who have a real life …Honestly, she makes me feel pitiful. If I were her, id be mad of me (Zari) too.”