Fik Fameica: Sheila Gashumba and God’s Plan is none of my business, none of my business

Fik Fameika has been quiet about ex-girlfriend Sheila Gashumba and her new boyfriend God’s Plan almost the entire time the two have been together, even over the last couple weeks when Sheila and God’s Plan have become big news across local media. No matter what Sheila has said or done in public display of affection for God’s Plan, and no matter what not-so-beautiful details have emerged about God’s Plan, Fik Fameica has remained silent about Sheila and her new man.

But now Fik (as the musician is sometimes referred to)has finally got out of the ‘hodolup’ into the sitting ‘loom’, to say something about  Sheilah Gashumba’s relationship with God’ Plan.

“Tebinkwatako,” Fik Fameika told Matooke Republic about Sheila and God’s Plan’s relationship, and Fik’s statement loosely translates: “it is none of my business.”

The public opinion while not-so-nice details of God’s Plan’s past emerged has been that Fik Fameica must be happy celebrating, but the singer-rapper says he doesn’t care whatever details emrge or not about Sheila and God’s Plan.

“Sheila  and God’s Plan is none of my business. Everything about them is none of my business,” is all Fik had to say whenever asked of anything to do with Sheila and her new man.

Fik Fameika and Sheila dated for about a year before parting ways mid last year, when the petite media personality hooked up with God’s Plan. It is believed that Fik even sang his ‘My Property’ hit for Gashumba before they fell apart.