Video: pupils over-excited to see Bobi Wine at their school, wildly chant ‘People Power’ as the MP visits to check on his daughter

It was more or less total chaos when pupils at the primary school attended by Bobi Wine’s daughter caught sight of the Kyadondo East parliamentary representative on their school campus yesterday. The legislator had dropped in to check on his youngest daughter Ssuubi.

In a video shared shared by Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA) President Patrick Kanyomozi, who also had gone to pick his children that go to the same school, the over-excited pupils made a huge crowd on their campus and swaRMed the People Power chief as they chanted, “People Power, our power”, and they had to be kept in order by the school authorities.

Bobi Wine could only smile widely as he made his way through the pupils with his daughter Ssuubi in his hands, no doubt basking in the adulation and adoration of the little ones.

Kanyomozi wrote about the experience he personally captured on video: “It’s always normal business when I go to pick the kids,today an unusual parent had come to check on his daughter,all of a sudden kids started chanting ‘people power,our power’.

Here is the video: