Prophet Mbonye followers overjoyed at MTN deportations and overall trouble with government

Followers of controversial self-styled prophet Elvis Mbonye are overjoyed at the recent deportation of MTN CEO Wim Vanhelleputte as well as the overall trouble MTN is having with the Ugandan government (three other top MTN bosses have been deported), and the followers of the prophet can’t hide their elation but are publicly displaying it.

Several ‘remnants’, as the followers of Mbonye like to call themselves, have since Vanhelleputte’s deportation been increasingly showing their elation, especially on social media. These reckon that when MTN designed a social media advertising meme poking fun at their prophet back in 2017, after the followers of Mbonye worshipped kissing his feet, the prophet foretold that ‘in the spiritual world’ he could see the telecom company in the spot-light in the near future for the wrong reasons, with counter-accusations at the company.

However, many social media users who aren’t among the prophet’s followers have simply laughed at the claims that Mbonye foresaw the trouble MTN is going through, arguing that Mbonye never clearly foretold when MTN would be in trouble, some actually saying that Mbonye meant MTN would be in trouble soon after it trolled him which never happened. Others have pointed out that Mbonye’s prophecy talked of counter-accusations at the telecom company, not trouble with government, and some reckon Mbonye talked of counter-accusations because at the time MTN had in-house controversies over internal theft and corruption.

Singer/rapper is among the ‘remnants’ who have expressed most excitement at MTN’s ongoing woes, and here is what he posted on his Facebook page yesterday:

Prophet Elvis prophesies trouble for your company, not as a judgement but actually as a warning to HELP you know there’s a curve ball ahead. Instead of taking him seriously and maybe seeing him to do something about it you mock him several times concerning an event honoring him. When the floodgates pour and his people share it on social media saying told you so, they’re heartless and unforgiving.
Remnants we have our moments and we’re all growing but this one seems straightforward to me. Prophet Elvis tells people about dangerous outcomes all the time and the ones who listen and do something about it actually avert it.
If Prophet Elvis says something is going to happen, it’s GOING to happen. It’s been tested, recorded and put online HUNDREDS of times.
Listening to him is advisable.
Ignoring him is disadvantageous enough.
Ignoring him AND mocking him just seems to even the most LOGICAL perspective to be inexcusable stupidity.
This is a Prophet of God. The Moses kind. The Elijah kind. The Elisha kind. Earth. Wind. FIRE!
You don’t HAVE to agree with Remnants. But just recognize that their Father got infront of a camera and assured the leader of this country (This is UGANDA, we all know what that means) and still got on stage the next week, just as one of hundreds of examples.
Do yourself a favor. Either speak nicely about him, or don’t speak. Don’t be in the statistic of people and even companies who speak against this man and eat the fruit of it.
Or don’t.
This is a love message.
Proud Remnant.”