Video: Sheila Gashumba pays in cash over Shs5 million shopping for boyfriend God’s Plan on Valentine’s Day

Her father might not be happy with her more or less husband-and-wife relationship with boyfriend God’s Plan, but it seems feisty TV personality and socialite Sheila Gashumba is really enjoying the relationship, and she can’t keep from throwing it all in people’s faces.

The latest testament to that is a video of Sheila shopping for her boyfriend Valentine’s Day gifts at A-Braynz at Garden City yesterday. The video shows Gashumba counting out and paying in bundles of cash for T-shirts, jeans and other items she bought for God’s Plan yesterday. To a total of about Sh5.2 million, as the cashier is heard informing her that one of the batches she bought is worth Sh3.6 million and another worth Sh1.6 million.

See the video here: