Katikkiro Mayiga rubbishes talk of a deal to make him next Vice President

Buganda kingdom premier Charles Peter Mayiga has razed down the rumours that were fast gaining ground that he is set to be named Vice President of Uganda, and that it’s for purposes of seeking the Kabaka’s sanctioning of this move that President Museveni last week visited the Kabaka at his Mmengo palace.

Posting on his Facebook wall yesterday, Owek. (Hon.) Mayiga spelt out in unequivocal terms that he is not the next Vice President, that the president’s visit to the Kabaka last week wasn’t at all to do with the rumour, and that there is no need for under-the-table deals whatsoever.

The Katikkiro’s post read:

“Rumours are being spread that I’m going to be appointed Vice President, and that that’s the reason President Museveni was hosted by Kabaka Mutebi at his Bbanda palace so the president might brief the king. I’m not the next Vice President. There is no need for under table deals.”