Bebe Cool to the youth: if you want to get money, associate with those who have it, not those who are looking for it.

Bold and brave musician Bebe Cool has advised youth who want to get money to associate with those who are already rich rather than seeking out those who are also still looking for money.

Appearing on local TV earlier today, the veteran singer was answering a question about what advice he can give the youth who want to also get some money and at least be like him.

“You can’t expect to get any real help towards getting money if the peo0ple you are associating with are also still poor and desperately looking for money,” Bebe Cool said. “Those people will at best only use you to make themselves rich, because they are also still hungry. The wise thing is to look out for those who already have the money and get closer to them. Even if they don’t give you a shilling, you will learn so many things about making money from them, because will observe and pick lessons from them on how money is made and maintained.”

Bebe Cool also hinted that that’s the reason he got closer to president Museveni and other rich and powerful people in this country, rather than getting closer to the poor who couldn’t really help him better himself.