UG Records’Roger Kent and Wendy’s ‘Tonsobola’ song review

It has not been long since Wendy shot to stardom after her own rendition of a collection of Radio’s songs and her follow up record deal with music power House, UG Records alongside Roger Kent.

Both artists have decided to follow up their initial solo efforts with an Afro pop collaboration in which Wendy shoots down Kent’s efforts to sway her off her feet.

Produced by Nessim, loosely translated, “Tonsobola” means “one’s inability to handle” and in this way Wendy is telling Kent that his class and efforts do not match up to the class and standard she has set for herself. In a case where Kent offers her a Vitz, she demands for a Benz, where he offers simple street clothing, Wendy demands for sophisticated Dubai shopping sprees.

The song exudes a laid black but melodious Afro pop rhythm, beat and vibe. Both artists are laid back as they go about their back and forth arguments on what who can do for the other in Roger’s quest to woo Wendy.

Both artists come strong with an overwhelming maturity in both vocal and lyrical maturity and if unknown to the listener, one couldn’t tell if this is just their second single under the label. This, is certainly musical finesse- watch out for the video that’s dropping tomorrow.