Maddox misses show after weed knocks him out — Yet again!

Yesterday evening, local Reggae veteran (call him legend even) once again missed a show where he was supposed to be the headline performer because he had been knocked out by weed.

It’s no rumour or joke, we have it straight from the organizers of the weekly Comedy Store show that is held at UMA Lugogo every Thursday.

Maddox was supposed to headline yesterday’s show alongside Weasel, on the music side of the event that on the comedy side had Dikhanio, Mariachi and Ssenga Nantume lined up. When the time he was expected to show up reached and he was nowhere, the organisers dispatched emissaries to go collect him from his known base where he normally chills.

The emissaries found Maddox at his base, but, alas! He couldn’t even stand on his feet! He was knocked out from smoking too much weed, a fact that could be told from the smell and sights of the shack where he was with his buddies –some of whom were still smoking more weed.

One of the organisers of Comedy Store tells Matooke Republic that in his opinion, Maddox ‘needs Jesus, otherwise no one can save him now.”