President Museveni: My daughter Anywar has learnt to buy good clothes

In a statement that otherwise means that he was previously unhappy with the former opposition strong lady’s dress code, President Museveni has said that Kitgum Municipality MP Beatrice Anywar has learnt to buy good clothes, and that for this he is now very happy with her.

Beatrice Anywar donning yellow colours.
Anywar as she appeared at the Tarehe Sita celebrations earlier today.

The president made these remarks earlier today as he spoke at celebrations to mark Tarehe Sita celebrations (the national day of the UPDF), in Kitgum town, Acholi Sub-region, Northern Region.

“I’m very happy with my daughter Anywar, now days she knows how to buy good clothes,” President Museveni said, sending the crowd into oceans of laughter.

Definitely the president’s remarks were mainly about Anywar’s recent tendency to show up in yellow colours everywhere (NRM colours), a shift from when she would go around in Blue colours when she was still a member of FDC. Sometimes she also went around in red colours, which was interpreted to indicate her allegiance to UPC, the party she first supported/belonged to.

Beatrice Anywar, back in the days when she went around in blue and red colours.