Fr. Lokodo condemns fellow minister’s naming of curvaceous Ugandan ladies among tourist attractions

Yesterday, Tourism minister Godfrey Kiwanda both amused and shocked in equal measure as he named Uganda’s ‘curvy women who are amazing to look at’ among the country’s tourist attraction. Hon. Kiwanda said this at the launch of the Miss Curvy beauty pageant, which aims to recognize and celebrate the curvavceousness of Ugandan women.

Now Hon. Kiwanda’s fellow Minister, Fr. Simon Lokodo, the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, has come out to lash at the tourism minister’s moving, saying Minister Kiwanda’s move is simply ‘a disgrace’ to the country..

“That is the scandal of the highest order and I condemn it in the strongest terms,” Fr. Lokodo told the media today afternoon.

Lokodo reckoned that there are various ‘respectable’ strategies the ministry can resort to to promote tourism in Uganda, such as our “natural beautiful sceneries” which don\t even need so much marketing.

We wait to see whether Fr. Lokodo will take any further steps against what he perceives to be ‘a scandal.”