Bebe Cool: I gave Hilderman only Shs2m because I knew he was not capable of paying back

Bebe Cool and Dr Hilderman.

The past few days have not been business as usual for People Power diehard, Hillary Kiyaga known widely as Dr Hilderman.

The Mazongoto singer has been issuing all kinds of self-defense statements in regard to the money he was seen on video signing for as part of the Shs400m that the President gave to Bebe Cool for a musicians’ SACCO.

Hilderman had on Sunday said that he only received Shs2m from Bebe Cool of all the Shs400m he reportedly got and several Ugandans have been wondering why.

The self-proclaimed ‘Big Size’ has also weighed in on the debate saying that he only gave Hilderman Shs2m because he knew the struggling singer was incapable of paying the money back.”

Apparently, the only yardstick to receiving part of the money was not whether or not a musician supported the president but how prominent the artiste was.  

“You all know Hilderman is musically down, how I would have trusted him with Shs50m?” Bebe Cool queried.

The Wasibukawa singer further dared Hilderman to call him and request that the video be shared with its audio if he wants to be embarrassed even further.