Pastor Yiga runs to South Africa, elevates self to ‘Prophet’ status

After Ethics Minister, Fr. Simon Lokodo turned up the heat on local pastors in a new policy that will require them to get theological training, the controversial ‘abizaayo’ Pastor, Augustine Yiga who emerged on Uganda’s religious scenes with claims that he had the power to exorcise bad omen and return them to the sender has set up camp in South Africa.

The scandalous pastor popularly known for his stage-managed miracle allegations and bizarre sex affairs with his flock has even elevated himself to ‘Prophet’ status.

iga opted for the safest way out by seeking refuge in South Africa where he runs a church called of Great Revival Church in Pretoria West.

In a video released yesterday, the bravado pastor referred to himself as Prophet Yiga Augustine and urged his followers to call or text him for deliverance from the evil spirits.

The ‘Prophet’ also announced his three prayer points that include; rebuking the evil spirits following single mothers, releasing women from the bondage of being single mothers and enriching poverty-stricken families.