Weasel needs urgent help, he is running mad – Ex-Manager Chagga speaks out after getting fired, says he just quit

Chagga and the Late Mowzey Radio in their heydays

GoodLyfe singer Douglas Mayanja alias name Weasel Mannizo yesterday announced changes in GoodLyfe and Angel Music’s management.

Weasel revealled that he has changed his booking contacts, and also confirmed the firing of his former manager Geoffrey Chagga commonly known as Big Papa.

But according to Chagga, he quit GoodLyfe a month ago.

“Weasel has never fired me, I quit by myself. This whole quarrel started when he decided to join Bryan White but we immediately solved that. This recent battle escalated due to his poor working ethics. He always defies my work plans. I decided to quit,” says Chagga who also adds that other GoodLyfe members have been pleading him to return.

Chagga who the Late Mowzey Radio called ‘unfireable’ also revealed that the Tokyayitaba singer is fighting a mental problem which needs urgent care.

“Weasel needs urgent help or soon he will run mad,” he stated.