Local or not, I am the best DJ in East Africa — DJ Shiru

Shiru Kiberu, popularly known as the 256 Spin doctor or plainly DJ Shiru has sworn upon the blue moon that no other deejay in East Africa is even remotely close to his level.

According to Shiru, he is still the number one in Uganda although some people call him local.

“Though some people think I am local, I am best DJ in East Africa. None of those kids you praise nowadays come near me in spinning the discs,” he bragged

The man who started spinning as early as 17 years advised Ugandans not to compare Shiru the business at the time when there was no digital deejaying machine or software to the “toddlers” who have been propped by the internet.

“We were using DVDs but I worked hard and changed this game. I have been the light and I will continue to be a light for many Ugandan DJs,” the Shirumatic Pro boss said.

Shiru said he is hurt when people compare him to other DJs when they should instead be giving him credit for the work he has done in the industry. 

“I find this disrespectful and a cause for beef which I have tried hard not to be party to. I play the music, the people are the judges,” he said.