Bugembe is a descendant of Judas Iscariot — Ugandans throw shade on Pastor Bugembe after Engule song coil

After just over a week on the airwaves, the Engule song has not only turned into a popular slogan but has also landed the Light the World Lead Pastor, Wilson Bugembe into trouble with Ugandans.

Bugembe who ordinarily was a darling to many rubbed several the wrong way when he said in an NTV Uganda interview that he would not have participated in singing the famous song if he knew it was political.

The Pastor’s comments have since backfired and earned him several titles such as the modern day Judas Iscariot. What makes matters worse is the fact that Bugembe had even participated in the 2016 President Museveni praise song, Tubonga Nawe.

“How come you didn’t apologize for featuring in the ruling party 2016 presidential rally song,” asked a one Ritah Karungi.

Another Engule fire fighter went ahead to say, “So Pastor Bugembe, you want to tell us that Tubonga Nawe was a gospel song?”

“Shame upon you Bugembe! If you did Tubonge Nawe, what’s the problem with Tuliyambale Engule? I thought you were a Pastor but you sound so hypocritical…” another diehard lamented.

“Bugembe is a direct descendant of Judas Iscariot,” joked Tata Junito.

“Some men don’t have balls for sure. Bugembe doesn’t want to think of anything beyond church. Not even how his followers hustle to make a living. What a pity!” wrote Aisha Nakibuuka.

Another Simon Peter! He denied Jesus Christ. Now Bugembe has denied Bobi wine,” a disappointed Kasozi said.

“How weak could you be? Why give in due to pressure? This clearly tells us the problems we have with these pastors who really need to go and study Theology. Don’t forget that black Americans depended more on the church to get liberated and sung all sorts of songs. Read the story of Martin Luther king,” Gerald Draleti advised.