Engule song is about injustice, patriotism — Pastor Solomon Male defends Bobi Wine, says he committed no sin

Pastor Solomon Male of Arising Christ Ministries says he is shocked at fellow fishermen of God who have drawn their swords on Bobi Wine for reportedly using a Church song for political reasons.

According to Male, one of the founding Pastors of the Pentecostal movement in Uganda, Bobi Wine did not harm in redoing the song in a political way because he talks about the daily injustices and tribulations that Ugandans go through and that ought to be fixed.

Engule‘ resonates with the challenges people face, murders, health care issues, injustices and the Bible mandates us to advocate for the weak and oppressed. Bobi Wine is rallying people behind the cause,” Male said on while appearing on the NBS Morning Breeze programme.

Male assured fellow Pastors, Martin Ssempa and Dr Joseph Serwadda to focus on the real issues affecting the people their flock instead of fighting for a song that makes their pastoral job even easier.

“When Bobi Wine sings a song, it becomes evil? But he is singing about the injustices we have in this country. The song is rallying us for patriotism,” Male said.

He tasked Ssempa and Serwadda to explain why they have never taken offence when politicians use Biblical scriptures to drive their points home but have suddenly picked interest in Bobi Wine redoing a church song.

“We see politicians on a day to day basis quoting scriptures to drive their points home, why haven’t they ever said anything and why can’t Bobi Wine do the same?,” he asked.