A handshake, hug are the first step — Chameleone now wants a legendary collabo from Bobi and Bebe

The most anticipated handshake of the 20th Century

During the much anticipated 10 Years of Eddy Kenzo concert on Friday night at Serena Hotel, two music heavyweights, Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool made rare history when they embraced and shared a table.

The scenes that brought the concert to a standstill are the most talked incident from the one of the most successful of 2019 thus far.

The handshake and embrace has caused public excitement that has swept from across the country and has been celebrated and scorned in equal measure.

From the music industry, legend Jose Chameleone has joined the enchantment thanking the boy of the hour, Eddy Kenzo for doing what the veterans have failed to do in years – uniting the two ever contending parties.

“This is the perfect type of nation we all love to see. Even for our fore children!! I am feeling so happy to see that music has again brought my two brothers under siege where unity was inevitable,” the Leone Island boss said.

The Champion singer didn’t stop at that. He suggested that Bobi and Bebe do a legendary collabo that will be talked about for decades to come.

“Let’s have a legendary collabo for our country and make people celebrate and dance – it’s the time,” he stated.

It’s not clear whether the hug and handshake actually signifys total peace, a temporary ceasefire or just a camera stunt but for what it’s worth, the Funtula singers exhibited something that took Ugandans over 17 years to see.