Bebe cool should include himself among the 200 kids he is paying school fees for — Weasel

Singer Weasel Mannizzo

Bebe Cool’s appearance on NBS Television’s talk show continues to attract mixed reactions from the public who watched the two-hour show to the end.

The latest and arguably most hilarious comment has come from the GoodLyfe’s only surviving singer, Weasel who wasted no time at all to sting his nemesis where it hurts the most.  

After what he calls a mediocre performance, Weasel is convinced that Bebe Cool should include himself among the 200 children for which he wants to pay school fees.

This jibe is based on remarks by Bebe Cool himself that the proceeds from his annual Tondeka E Kiwatule Boxing Day Concert were to pay fees for 200 less privileged school going children.

It should be remembered that the GoodLyfe Crew, especially with the Late Mowzey Radio, were not pals with Bebe Cool. The latter even branded the duo ‘Cartoon and Baboon.’  It looks like Weasel has never buried the hatchet.