FASHION: Naira Ali on why she hates shades, skirts

Naira Ali

How would you describe your style?
I describe my style as urban African. From the music, hairstyle and fashion, it’s all a fusion of a strong African identity put together with modern western feel.

What is the one fashion item you cannot live without?
I think I am too fond of shades/glasses.

What is your worst buy ever?
I recently bought leather tights for my music video(serial killer) but they never made it to set, so disappointing how they looked on me. They are now on sale.
What styling trick works for you all the time?
A simple flared above knee height dress, with heels, and turbans. That combination never goes wrong for me.

Any item we would not find in your wardrobe?
You would probably land on only one skirt out of the thousands of clothings I own. Then you won’t find any flat shoes at all and no velvet fabrics.