At 10 years, Praise Wisdom already has ten songs to her name

Praise Wisdom working the machines in studio

What were you doing at 10 years? Do you remember? Guess not. Well, try this! Praise Wisdom, a charming, powerful vocalist and great stage performer sent comedy fans into a frenzy with an amazing performance at Fun Factory’s Comedicine show at National Theatre. 

Wisdom who was singing Rema’s songs amused the cheering crowd when she was asked if she had any songs of her own. 

“I have many songs,” she replied cheekily. 

“How many,” Richard Tuwangye probed further. 

“I have 10 songs,” Wisdom responded. “All recorded” she added.  

At this point, the crowd was listening intently to the 10-year-old who carried herself with the aura of a professional musician in a body of a toddler. She performed one of her songs — a gospel ballad titled Katonda Atukiriza that despite the secular environment in the National Theatre Auditorium, a spiritual touch could be felt. 

For a regular 10-year-old, standing in front of crowd of over 400 should be an intimidating experience but not for Praise. She opened the comedy performances as regularly as any other act would. Some of the revellers were heard wondering if Ugandan parents had raised her citing her extreme levels of confidence. 

On the sidelines of the comedy show, Wisdom who was escorted by her father said that she realised her talent when teachers kept singling her out for singing competitions in lower primary. 

Wisdom having a go at it like a Pro

“I recorded my first song on May 15, 2015. My parents said that I sang better than many musicians and wanted to see if I sounded the same in the studio. I have been singing ever since,” she said. 

Like her hero Rema, Wisdom wants to be a big music star and she knows what it takes and is willing to do the time. She says that her journey will require a lot of creativity, talent and money. Although she has enough of the first two, the money has been elusive. 

As a result, well wishers collected money amongst themselves to help the youngster achieve her dream. Wisdom is currently juggling school and music but is sure as they come that her career is in music and with her discography already 10 songs rich, we can only say that is destined to great things. 

Richard Tuwangye, the Fun Factory comedian told Matooke Republic that Wisdom is an outstanding talent that has been well nurtured to realise her potential at a tender age adding that parents need to to be more supporting of their children of their children in order to get the best of their talent. 

“At Fun Factory, we are in the business of promoting talent. That is Praise Wisdom ended up here today. I was as amazed as everyone was to watch her perform. Such talent should be appreciated and supported,” Tuwangye added.