HEALTH: Why you really need to eat grasshoppers

Grasshoppers (nsenene) are back in season, and are delighting palates all over the place. If you ever wondered if these little creatures should be part of your diet, wonder no more.

The health benefits those delicious insects provide mean you should not be shy bingeing on them, ever! You may not know it, but grasshoppers are not only delicious and very safe to eat, but they are also highly nutritious and a healthy snack.

Grasshoppers are excellent source of essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the perfect functioning of the body.

They are soaked with proteins, macro and trace minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron – all needed by our bodies for every day health and wellbeing.

Grasshoppers’ oil contains high quantities of polyunsaturated fatty acids, neutral lipids, glycolipids and phospholipids, which are critical for body cells to function well. Apart from the nutritional benefits, the tantalising taste of grasshoppers makes them insects everyone should eat at least once in their lifetime.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out for the next silver foil packed with these amazing creatures before the season is out.